Acoustic Show - Schneider Hall {Feb 27, 2016}


Saturday, February 27th, 2016 @ Schneider Hall (Columbus, Texas)

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Six of the best writers, musicians, performers and entertainers that I know, will be on one stage inside an amazing 1930's dancehall. For you. This show will be intimate, but not in a "Sit Dowm & Shut Up" way. Music is meant to be performed in the moment and this show is for you to have fun.. to laugh, to cheer, to cry, to listen and most of all... to enjoy.

Players: Chris King, Courtney Patton, Drew Kennedy, Jamie Lin Wilson, K Phillips & Owen Temple
Cost: $15 per person
Doors Open: 7:00pm
Show Begins: 8:00pm
Tickets: Get them HERE
Venue Address:
Schneider Hall
4351 Hwy 71S
Columbus, TX 78934

Full bar and full hearts.

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Schneider Hall

Schneider Dancehall was built in the early 1930's just outside of Columbus, TX and was an active music venue until it was shut down when the Schneider brothers left to serve in World War II. In the decades that followed it was used for small functions, but mostly served as barn for hay and cotton as it weathered in the hot Texas sun. In 2010 the family renovated it (keeping the original wood in place) and is now open again for private parties.

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What is Coast City Line

The Coast City Line is a series of concerts spread out over Texas that give both musicians and fans a way to connect outside of a traditional methods of playing in standard venues.
So I drew what I had from the Central Trust, and I bought us two tickets on that Coast City bus. ~Springsteen (Atlantic City)
Here's a guy taking everything he owns, leaving the problems they face, and getting on a bus bound for a better life. They may not know what that new life will hold, but they are on their way... making stops along the line as they get closer to a dream. Those thoughts turned into a vision of a "bus line" that winds thru Texas making stops that would be these concerts. The Coast City Line... a dream of playing for people that really care.